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Confezione Fiale Trattamento CelluliteConfezione Fiale Trattamento Cellulite
Confezione Fiale Trattamento Cellulite

Thermal complex ampoules for cellulite

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Vial 3 x 10 ml

Product based on marine oak, centella asiatica, ivy and of course thermal water.

Suitable for all types of very sensitive skin, for the treatment of cellulite, it counteracts the annoying unaestheticism of "orange peel" skin.

The light texture allows easy application and rapid absorption.

The draining effect will make the skin more compact and smooth.

Apply a few drops on the area to be treated with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.

To optimize the result it is recommended to complete the treatment with "thermal cellulite mud" and "thermal cellulite cream".


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