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Crema antirughe pelle giovane - vaso da 50mlCrema antirughe pelle giovane - vaso da 50ml
50 ml

Anti-wrinkle cream - for young skin - jar of 50ml

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This cream is designed to combat the first signs of aging.

Ischia le terme della Bellezza has studied a cosmetic program that accompanies women in the care of facial skin from early youth. The young skin wrinkle cream is dedicated to skin that simply needs basic attention, basic daily gestures, to remain beautiful over time and to fight the first signs of loss of elasticity in the most effective way. Thanks to its active ingredients, such as tomato seeds, vitamin E, carrot and orange essential oil, it helps to maintain optimal levels of hydration and nourishment, fighting the first wrinkles and the first signs of expression. Application method: Apply the product on the face daily.


Monday, 19 October 2020
Una crema per pelli giovani eccellente! Spedizione top!