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Thermal cosmetics of Ischia
Lemon of Ischia
Liquor of Ischia
Wine of Ischia
Chiacchiere gr 150

Chiacchiere gr 150

Neapolitan pastiera gr 100

The Neapolitan pastiera is a dessert from ...

Roccoco gr 250

Typical sweet from Campania with an intense, soft ...

Crostini for wholemeal bruschetta 200 gr

Crostini for wholemeal bruschetta 200 gr

Crostini fro bruschette

Crostini fro bruschette gr 200

Breadcrumbs gr 150

Breadcrumbs gr 150

Taralli 200 gr

The "nzogna e pepe" Taralli (suet and pepper) are ...

Wholemeal crostini 200gr

Wholemeal crostini 200gr

A' Piperna by Scapriccio - 70cl

Piperna - Bottiglia da 70cl

Limoni bio Ischia
Organic Ischian Lemons 1kg

Organic lemons from the Island of Ischia

Crema idratante termale
Thermal Moisturizing Cream

50 ml Vase Non-oily, highly moisturizing cream, ...

I babbini
Baba Dried Small

Tasty dried Baba in envelope

Body cream lemon

Lemon-scented cream with Ischia Thermal Water ...

Shampoo - flacone da 200ml
Shampoo with thermal mud - bottle of 200ml

It delicately cleanses hair and scalp

Ischia Thermal Dol
Ischia Thermal Dol

Ischia Thermal Dol cream is a natural remedy ...

A' Piperna by Scapriccio - 50cl

Piperna - Bottle of 50cl

Eau de toilette agrumi Ischia - 50 ml
Eau de toilette agrumi Ischia- 50 ml

Unisex fragrance characterized by fresh notes of ...

Caramelle dure succose all'arancia 500 gr

Con goccia di succo di arancia all'interno

Crema anti - aging con syn®ake - 50 ml
Anti-aging cream with syn®ake (snake venom) - 50 ml bottleo di vipera)-50 ml fl

This cream is optimal not only to fight the ...

Rosmarino 100 gr

Foglie 100% pure

Moisturising Revitalising Facemask “Delphis” 50ml

Moisturising and revitalising facemask for face, ...

Latte solare protezione 15 - 200ml
Protective sun 15 - 200ml

A gentle after-sun milk that gives an immediate ...

Sapone al fango termale - confezione da 100gr
Thermal mud soap - confection of 100gr

Cleans skin thanks to the micrograins of the mud

Wild Myrtle Liqueur
Wild Myrtle Liqueur

Wild Myrtle Liqueur of Ischia