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Maschera di bellezza al fango termale - buste monodose da 20mlMaschera di bellezza al fango termale - buste monodose da 20ml
20 ml

Beauty mask with thermal mud - single-dose sachets 20ml

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A base for a periodic cleansing and revitalising treatment
Units in box: Confezione

Thermal mud, with its micro-granules, produces a very delicate peeling, removing skin impurities and dead cells thus reducing the excess of sebum. In a few minutes the skin of the face re-acquires purity and brightness, the lines stretch, the signs of tiredness and stress disappear . It is ideal for oily or mixed skin. Apply a little layer of mud avoiding the area around the eyes,
leave in for 10 minutes and remove with tepid water, then dab with athermal toner (during this operation a slight itching of the skin is felt and then a slight reddening can be noted which disappears in a few minutes). It is advisable to massage delicately with moisturising or nourishing cream to re-establish the right skin moisture.


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