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Thermal lemon soap

This pure soap, rich in dermopurifying substances and precious plant extracts, makes a soft and delicate lather and has ...

Bacio D'Ischia 20cl

Delicate liqueur of chocolate, hazelnuts and lemons with various uses

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml.

Oil obtained from olives harvested and ground in Italy, of superior category obtained directly from olives and solely ...

Melon cream "Ischitane"

Exquisite and refreshing melon cream made by hand with the best selected melons.

Ischia Pistachio Cream 10 cl

"Ischitane" Pistachio Cream 70 cl

Crema di Limoncello "Ischitane" 10 cl

Crema di limoncello prodotta con i migliori limoni veraci non trattati dell' isola d'Ischia

Ischitane Coffee Cream 10cl

Coffee cream produced by hand with all the aroma of Neapolitan coffee

Ischia Peach Cream 10 cl

Peach cream produced by hand with the best selected peaches

Cassetta in legno 2 bottiglie

Le nostre cassette. realizzate con materiali di prima qualità provenienti da foreste certificate

Smile with Lemon 140 gr.

Lemon chocolates filled with lemon cream.

Piperna smile 140 gr.

Milk chocolates filled with Piperna cream.

Lemon Chocolate Bacetto gr. 150

Friable biscuits bound together by delicious lemon chocolate.

"Il Biscottino" lemon biscuits

Handmade mandarin biscuits

Lemon zest with chocolate

Soft lemon peels covered with fine dark chocolate