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Limonose candies with citrus fruits 200 gr

Delicious citrus hard candies

Hard juicy lemon candies 200 gr

With a drop of lemon juice inside

Hard juicy candies with citrus fruits 200 gr

Mixed with a drop of orange or lemon juice inside


Beauty mask with thermal mud - single-dose sachets 20ml

A base for a periodic cleansing and revitalising treatment

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml.

Oil obtained from olives harvested and ground in Italy, of superior category obtained directly from olives and solely ...

Organic Ischian Lemons 1kg

Organic original green lemons from the island of Ischia Picked from the tree after your order and shipped immediately, ...

Chili jam

Produced with chili, peppers, apples, salt and sugar.

Thermal Mud Soap 100gr

Creamy compound of acient formula.

Lemon saop 100gr

Creamy compound. Apply regulary on face and body.

Ischia Pistachio Cream 10 cl

"Ischitane" Pistachio Cream 70 cl

Offer 3x Grigliata Romantica 100 gr

Offer 3x Grigliata Romantica 100 gr

Olives in brine net 230 gr

The package contains 230 grams of olives in brine Produced and packaged by the Ruffano S.s.a.

Melon cream "Ischitane"

Exquisite and refreshing melon cream made by hand with the best selected melons.

Limoncello Limonì 10 cl

Produced exclusively with untreated lemons from the island of Ischia. 10 cl bottle

Rucolì amaro di rucola selvatica from Ischia 10cl

Famous bitter wild rocket typical of the Island of Ischia 10 cl