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Special packages - bottles of 250ml almond

Shower bath + body milk “almond”

Special packages - bottles of 250ml citrus fruit

Shower bath + body milk "citrus fruit"

Special packages - bottles of 250ml mediterranean stain

Shower bath + body milk "mediterranean stain"

Spumante Tenuta Ruffano 3 Bottles

The package contains 3 bottles of 75cl Alcohol 11.5% vol Produced and bottled by the Ruffano S.s.a.

Strawberry and Lemon Jam 360 gr

Strawberry and lemon jam from the island of Ischia

Strawberry and lemon risotto

Flavored risotto handcrafted ready in just 15 min. Tasty and genuine

Strawberry Jam 360 gr

Strawberry jam from the island of Ischia

Sugar crystals filled with limoncello 100 gr

Delicious sugar crystals filled with limoncello

Sugar-free candies with citrus fruits 100 gr

Delicious citrus sugar-free hard candies

Sun Freshness SPF 6

This cosmetic, rich in Aloe Vera, Vitamins A and C and Thermal Water is sprayed during sun exposure.

Sun Protection Cream Spf 20

Soft, emollient and non-greasy, it guarantees an intense filtering action, which makes it ideal for delicate skin that ...

Sun protection cream SPF 50+

High protection sun cream particularly suitable for sensitive, delicate and clear skin, also ideal for children.

Sweetened citrus peel

Soft lemon and orange peels covered in sugar

Taralli Extra

Taralli Extra

Tarallucci all'ischitana

Artisan flavored tarallucci

Tarallucci glazed with Limoncello

Handmade flavored glazed tarallucci

Tarallucci glazed with orange

Handmade flavored glazed tarallucci