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Orange honey 250 gr

Superior quality product

Orange honey 500 gr

Superior quality product

Orange Massage Oil - 150 ml bottle

Indicated for massage, it performs a draining action and fights the relaxation of the tissues

Orange peel with chocolate

Soft orange peel covered with fine dark chocolate

Orange risotto

Flavored risotto handcrafted ready in just 15 min. Tasty and genuine

Oregano 110 gr

The package contains 110 grams of oregano Produced and packaged by the Ruffano S.s.a.

Oregano gr. 100

Oregano is one of the most used aromatic herbs in Mediterranean cuisine

Product Available Date: 2023-12-30

Organic Ischian Lemons 1kg

Organic lemons from the Island of Ischia

Organic Ischian Lemons 1kg

Organic original green lemons from the island of Ischia Picked from the tree after your order and shipped immediately, ...

Organic Ischian Tangerines 1kg

Original organic mandarins orange from the island of Ischia. Pick from the tree after your order and ship ...

Paccheri lisci - gluten-free pasta

Paccheri lisci - gluten-free pasta


Campanella in ceramica raffigurante figura mitologica dell'Isola d'Ischia: "Pacchianella"

Panettone Artigianale alle albicocche del vesuvio

Panettone completely handcrafted with apricots of the vesuvio

Passito Bianco Ruffano di Punta Chiarito 3 bottles

Passito Bianco - Vintage 2012 - The package contains 3 bottles of 50cl - Gradation 15% vol - Product and Bottled from ...

Peppermix gr. 100

100% pure mix of peppercorns of various kinds

Per' e' Palummo

Vino rosso "Casa D'Ambra" isola d'Ischia

Perle d'Ischia Brut V.S.Q.P.R.D.

Brut "Perle di Ischia"


Obtained from selected grapes coming from vineyards of different ages, it gives the nose and the palate an elegant ...