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Body scrub Lemon 250ml

The Lemon body scrub body exfoliator based on sea salt, almond oil, carrot oil

Rum baba

Excellent and soft pastry baba infused in excellent rum. Serve cold.

Babà with Limoncello

Excellent and soft pastry babà infused in our limoncello. Serve cold.

Lemon coffee 200 gr

Ideal for breakfast and sweet garnish

Salt flavored with orange 300 gr

The salt seasoned directly during processing makes one of the most suitable products to season all dishes of the ...

Salt Flavored with Mediterranean Herbs gr. 300

Sea salt, mix of spices in varying proportions

Lemon flavored salt gr. 300

Sea salt with lemon, a mixture of spices in variable proportions

Salt flavored with hot pepper 300 gr

The precious of the Mediterranean

Crostini gr 200

The croutons are delicious crispy bread cubes ideal to accompany velvety, salads but also to eat as a snack or aperitif

Wholemeal crostini 200gr

Wholemeal crostini 200gr

Taralli 200 gr

The "nzogna e pepe" Taralli (suet and pepper) are typical products of Campania

Breadcrumbs gr 150

Breadcrumbs gr 150

Crostini fro bruschette

Crostini fro bruschette gr 200

Crostini for wholemeal bruschetta 200 gr

Crostini for wholemeal bruschetta 200 gr

Roccoco gr 250

Typical sweet from Campania with an intense, soft and crunchy flavor!