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Bacio d'IschiaBacio d'Ischia

Bacio D'Ischia 20cl

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Delicate liqueur of chocolate, hazelnuts and lemons with various uses
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Exquisite chocolate liqueur obtained from the union of the best lemons and hazelnuts of the island of Ischia. The alcoholic base is given by limoncello and not by the classic ethyl alcohol. Furthermore, the lemons used give Bacio d'Ischia a pleasant note of freshness immediately perceived.

Shake it before use to allow the peanuts, coarsely chopped, to distribute evenly in the bottle and serve cold.

To be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Application ideas:

Particularly recommended as a garnish for cream ice creams thanks to its peanuts which remain stationary when placed on top of the ice cream, while the chocolate tends to solidify as it descends on the sides.

Fantastic as a dessert: fill a medium-sized glass 1/3 with Bacio d'Ischia and the remaining 2/3 with whipped cream. Leave to rest for a while in the freezer until you find the compacted mixture and finish the garnish with some more Bacio d'Ischia. Enjoy everything with a spoon or with biscuits.

Open a Maritozzo and spread the Bacio d'Ischia together with the whipped cream, close it and garnish with further Bacio d'Ischia, icing sugar or sprigs of whipped cream. Cut and taste.

Guaranteed by Naturischia.


Tuesday, 20 October 2020
Delizioso liquore al cioccolato! Ottimo, lo ricomprerò sicuramente!