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It is accompanied by ripe, sweet almond paste. Coupling with the Neapolitan sweet par excellence, the pastiera, ...

Ischia Bianco Superiore doc

It is recommended to combine seafood, seasonal salads and acid cheeses; it also blends well with dishes made from ...

Ischia Biancolella doc

The wine is a product of the characteristic straw yellow color more or less intense depending on the vintage. It is ...


It has warmth that has a pleasant persistence that makes it more eclectic in the combination of appetizers with ...

Chignole vineyards

Ischia bianco doc - We recommend the coupling with grilled or white meat dishes - Alcohol content: 12-13 ° / vol.

Offer 3x Fish soup

Offer 3x Fish soup

Prepared for Fish Soup

Preparato artigianale per condire i vostri piatti. 100% puro

Tarallucci with ginger

Artisan flavored tarallucci

Tarallucci with Biancolella D.O.C. Ischia

Artisan flavored tarallucci

Tarallucci with rosemary

Artisan flavored tarallucci

Tarallucci with rocket

Tarallucci artigianali aromatizzati

Soft nougat with sponge cake and limoncello

Nougat sponge cake and limoncello

Soft nougat with pistachio and lemon

Delizioso torrone morbido artigianale al limone e pistacchio

Tarallucci with chilli

Artisan flavored tarallucci

Tarallucci glazed with Limoncello

Handmade flavored glazed tarallucci