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Crema elasticizzante a limone e vitamina c Crema elasticizzante a limone e vitamina c

Elastisicing cream with lemon and vitamin c - jar of 100ml

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An innovative product and a “grandmother’s remedy” for a face marked by time
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30 ml - 100 ml
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This is made possible by the richness of its natural active ingredients, such as lemonand orange, a true explosion of Vitamin C with a strong elasticising effect and favouring the reconstruction of the collagen structures, common evening-primrose oil that helps reactivate the biosynthetic processes of the cells, toning up of the skin, ivy, for its moisturising effect, mallow, which has soothing power and creates a skin protecting layer,it is a remedy for the prevention of the aging of skin that is daily subjected to the attack of stress and external aggressive agents.


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