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Olio eudermico da bagno e doccia - flacone da 200mlOlio eudermico da bagno e doccia - flacone da 200ml
200 ml

Eudermic bath oil - bottle of 200ml

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Especially effective for treating delicate, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin
Units in box: bottiglia

It develops a skin-nutrient toning action. If used daily, it deeply cleans even the most sensitive skin, moisturising it and making it smooth and velvety. A natural remedy against skin dryness caused by cleansing with common soap and by chlorine and calcareous tap water. Moreover, it is recommended for the most delicate body parts such as breast, throat, gluteus, thighs as well as for the skin of children and elderly people.


Wednesday, 14 October 2020
perfetto dopo la doccia, lascia la pelle davvero morbida e setosa!
Anna Marangio