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Chestnut Honey 6 packs of 480 gr. even mixed flavors

Sales price 60,00 €
The pack contains 6 can of 380 ml with about 480 grams of net product.
Units in box: 1

Produced and packaged by the Ruffano snc. This product is also available in other mixed tastes on dusponibilita 'to be communicated after purchase.

Chestnut honey, our bees are located on 7 hectares of land at the slopes of Mount Epomeo. Chestnut honey is obtained from chestnut flowers and is harvested in the months of June and October. It is a dark honey with aromatic odor and complex flavor. Known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it is a source of proteins, vitamins B and C and mineral salts.

This honey is obtained from colorful chestnut flowers and is harvested in the months of June and October. Unlike many other honey, that of chestnut has a color that varies from yellow to brown to almost black, with very dark and intense amber hues; its smell is aromatic and woody, and the distinctly distinctive flavor is much less sweet, with a bitter aftertaste that can be liked even on salty dishes of aged meat and cheese, while not much to replace sugar to sweeten herbal teas about you.

Its texture is rather liquid and the reason lies in the richness of fructose that determines the absence of crystallization.

The Nicola bee breeding is artisan and organic, small but precious as well as its production.


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