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Azienda Agricola Ruffano

Miele di Cardo Ischia
480 gr.

Cardo honey

Sales price 60,00 €
The pack contains 1 bottle of 380 ml with about 480 grams of Cardo Honey.
Units in box: 1

Produced and packaged by the Ruffano snc. This product is also available in other mixed tastes on dusponibilita 'to be communicated after purchase.

Our bees are located on 7 hectares of land on the slopes of Monte Epomeo. Cardo honey is a rare honey whose production is limited and is typical of islands such as Ischia, Sardinia and Sicily. From detoxifying properties and amber color, it is extraordinary if spread over the bread and great on fresh ricotta.
By the name of thistle there is a large group of plant species, all belonging to the family of composites: they are plants characterized by spiny leaves and stems. In general these are plants that grow spontaneously to Ischia, so we can say without hesitation that these are species that love Mediterranean and warm climates.
The flowering takes place from March and lasts until May, with a change in color depending on the ripening of the flowers. The honey produced by bees thanks to the thistle's flower is a product with a strong character, with a characteristic and above all decisive flavor. The color is amber, of a fairly clear tone; crystallization, however, occurs after not too long (within a few months of collection) transforming the honey into a more compact pasta with even lighter color. It is a very intense and rich honey, with an important floral note, sweet and pleasing, combined with a stronger that resembles leather; some note aromas reminding remembrance of cinnamon. The flavor goes hand in hand with this complex of aromas, and it is on the palate very consistently, persisting for a long time with a sweet and distinctive taste.
Great sweetening, honey with honey, with its floral and enveloping flavor, it lends itself well to culinary combinations that are rather daring: we can serve them to accompany some meat dishes, fresh ricotta or, according to a more classic scheme, with cheeses from intense flavor. The honey of cardo tends to mitigate and make the flavors more homogeneous. Alternatively, it is considered exceptional as a sweetener for black tea or spread over cracked slices and bread.

Excellent digestive quality, we can take a few spoonfuls of thistle honey after a heavy meal: thanks to its digestive qualities we will facilitate the assimilation process and make work easier for our body.

Great cologne, as well as other types of honey, thistle honey is an important ally for our liver: it is a property directly related to the digestive tract described a few lines ago. Honey hone helps to detoxify and stimulate liver activity by improving digestion and avoiding the feeling of fatigue and malaise we have when we overdone with food.

Allied to the heart, honey honey is commonly known for its beneficial effects on our circulatory system: it is a good cardio stimulator and facilitates blood circulation in those subjects suffering from delicate problems of this kind.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, honey honey, besides being a source of vitamins and minerals, is rich in many other nutrients from the antioxidant force that can counter the dreaded free radicals within our body.

Nicola bee breeding is artisan and organic, small but precious as well as its production.


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