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Fruit and mint candies, with and without sugar, hard, soft and filled. Sizes of 100/200/500/1000 gr.

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Lemon Limonose Candies 500 gr

Delicious lemon hard candies

Hard candies lemon wedges 1 kg

Very fine hard lemon wedge candy

Hard candies with citrus slices 1 kg

Fine hard citrus clove candy

Lemon Limonose Candies 1 kg

Delicious lemon hard candies

Limonose candies with citrus fruits 1000 gr

Delicious citrus hard candies

Hard juicy orange candies 1000 gr

With drop of orange juice inside

Hard juicy lemon candies 1 kg

Hard juicy lemon candies 1 kg

Juicy hard candies with citrus fruits 1 kg

Mixed with a drop of orange or lemon juice inside

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