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Cosmetici dell'isola d'Ischia

Crema giorno idratazione profondaCrema giorno idratazione profonda
100 ml

Day cream with deep moisturizing action - spf 10 - 100ml

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Moisturising face cream.
Units in box: vaso
Extraordinarily light and easily absorbed, it uses formulae that are rich in ingredients that strengthen the natural defences of the skin ensuring a treatment that is truly moisturising-refreshing, rebuilding, revitalizing, anti-drying and anti-aging. Essential for protecting the face from the harmful effects of the sun, the wind, salt, the chorine in swimming pools and plain tap-water, thanks to the sun-filter included in the formula. Active elements: Vegetable Collagen, Helichrysum and Yarrow. Guarantees the correct protection against the sun's rays, without impeding the tanning. Relieves burning and reddening, highlighting the radiance of the sun-tan and preserving the young look of the skin. Recommended for all types of skin. Re-balances, re-builds and re-vitalises stressed skin, encourages regeneration of the basal membrane and prevents cellular damage, maintains the ideal level of hydration, fighting dryness, exfoliation and roughness  and improving the softness, elasticity and the radiance of the skin.


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