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Cosmetici dell'isola d'Ischia

Siero dermoattivo antietà idratante - flacone con dosatore da 30mlSiero dermoattivo antietà idratante - flacone con dosatore da 30ml
30 ml

Dermoactive moisturising anti age serum - bottle of 30 ml

Sales price 21,00 €
It donates a new and harmonious equilibrium to skin
Units in box: vaso

Concentrated to be used in small drops, it restores a new and harmonious balance to the skin thanks to the presence in the formula of mallow, ginseng and marine collagen. The regular application on the face protects, moisturizes, reduces small wrinkles, softens and softens the skin, making it firm and gradually eliminating the traces of time. Apply on the affected parts of the face, in combination with or as an alternative to treatments with creams.


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