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Cosmetici dell'isola d'Ischia


Facelift Thermal Face Cream

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Rich in Thermal water of Ischia Thermae, active ingredients found in plants and vitamins.
LIFTING FACIAL THERMAL CREAM avails of an exclusive complex by the
draining action and firming effect for a firmer and more youthful face.

Biolifting Complex19 is the fruit of Ischia Thermae for outstanding cosmetic effectiveness proven by rigorous dermatological tests. The active ingredients present in the rich and specific composition of Biolifting Complex19 place both immediate action to long-term. The results are visible already after the first application, as it creates on the face a delicate and invisible film that has tensor effect and confers traits immediately relaxed and a refined oval. The epidermis as well-nourished and more elastic yield is compact and tightens and contours of the face immediately appear more defined and tonics. However, the most important effect of LIFTING FACIAL THERMAL CREAM is explicated in time.
In fact, thanks to the action of pure fitoattivi principles combined effectiveness of Provitamin 85, is favored tissue repair and cell regeneration helping to improve the firmness of the skin with a firming day by day more and more intense and visible LIFTING FACIAL THERMAL CREAM contributes to attenuate the thinning of the epidermis thanks to the presence of Vitamin A. It is made even more effective as contained in microstructures biocompatible slow-release: action calibrated and constant for a more toned skin over time. The fine consistency and the selected natural components, make the product easily assimilated and referred to the most delicate and sensitive skins.


Apply the product morning and/or evening on a perfectly clean and toned skin. Massage gently with circular movements from bottom up, starting from the neck and ending on the forehead.



Monday, 05 October 2020
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