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‘On Carrubo - Amaro di Carruba
500 ml

‘On Carrubo

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Sciuscella and 'On Carrubo represent a homage to a fruit symbol of the history of Ischia, almost forgotten for a century now.

On Carrubo and Sciuscella are tributes to a fruit which has been a symbol of the history of Ischia Island, almost forgotten for one century: the carob, or in Neapolitan dialect ‘Sciuscella’. Carob was defined as ‘the chocolate of the poor’, fed the inhabitants of Ischia, in the most difficult moments of our history. It has some healthy properties and a taste similar to chocolate. The illustrations on the labels of the two products take inspiration from the Italian cinema of the 1950s, a period to which Carob was still part of our lives, along with the beauty and simplicity of those times.

‘On Carrubo is an amaro made from the of infusion of carob added to a wine spirit. A digestive of 28%, intense and fragrant, that combines the carob with the deepest flavours and roots of southern-Italian and Ischian culture: gentian, oranges and “Annurca” apples.

Carob Amaro, made by the infusion of carob in a wine spirit with orange, apple and gentian.

  •  capacity 500ml
  •  alcohol by volume 28%
  •  serving temperature 16° or 6°
  •  also enjoyable with ice


Digestive, pleasant accompaniment to chocolate or cigars. Excellent for caffè corretto.


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