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Sciuscella - Liquore di carruba
500 ml


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Sciuscella and 'On Carrubo represent a homage to a fruit symbol of the history of Ischia, almost forgotten for a century now.

The carob, like other typical fruits of the southern Italy, were also used in winemaking. To allow the wine to reach a sufficient alcohol content, there was the tradition to enrich the grape must with other local fruits, such as quince, figs, or carobs. This ancient technique, almost lost, took the name of ‘Caulara’, and was, somehow, a way of bringing further aromas and notes of the terroir to wine.

This is how Sciuscella was born, the delicate carob liqueur 18%, macerated in a wine spirit and enriched with the wine itself. A light digestive and a seductive accompaniment to desserts. It represents the sweetness and the lightness of this fruit, and the memory of the ancient tradition of the ‘Caulara’.

Carob liqueur, macerated in a wine brandy and enriched with the wine itself.

  •  capacity 500ml
  •  alcohol by volume 18%
  •  serving temperature 16°


Light digestive, pleasant as an accompaniment to desserts or chocolate.


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