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Purtuall - Vino d’arancia fortificato
50 cl


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Purtuall, orange wine

«Purtual »is a fortified orange wine, homage to the fruit from which it is made and to the origin of its name.

Purtuall is a fortified orange wine, a tribute to the fruit from which it is made and to the origin of its name. The orange was a rare exotic fruit in Europe until the sixteenth century, but thanks to Portuguese merchants and their vessels it was spread throughout the Mediterranean and the Americas. Thus it was that, from Tangier to Naples, the oranges took the common name of ‘Portugal’, or more correctly in Neapolitan ‘Purtu’all ‘.

An olfactory experience that transports us between the holds of those ships, laden with oranges and scents of fermented citrus fruits, just like in the 1600’s view of the Gulf of Naples, with the smoky Vesuvius framing the blue sea and the Lusitanians vessels. A wine in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea which, like so many other wines in the following centuries, needed to be fortified in order to face the journey and the time.

Thus, from the orange must come Purtuall, a unique and precious dessert wine 20%, the fortified wine of orange.

Intermediate alcoholic product 20%

Vol. 50 cl


Dessert wine, unique accompaniment to dry pastry and chocolate.



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