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Grappa Pietratorcia

Grappa Pietratorcia

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Grappa Pietratorcia is an absolute novelty in the island's oenological tradition.
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The main value of this product is its absolute typicality with an aromatic profile that in all respects recalls the Mediterranean smells and flavors of the island of Ischia. Pietratorcia grappa turns out to be a product of great softness; the spicy and floral aromas are overbearing and elegant which harmonize finely with hints of dried fruit and honey to form an enveloping and captivating bouquet even on the palate where the land of Tifeo is still felt for its pleasant flavor. The place of grappa is at the table combined with dry sweets and / or at the end of the meal, even if it can give pleasant sensations to accompany conversations and relaxing readings alone.


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