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Frigobende - bustine monodose con due bende da 5 Mt
5 mt

Frigobende - single-dose sachets with two 5 Mt bandages

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Bandages with cooling effect for legs and feet

Product with intense cooling effect, based on menthol, cola, ivy, horse chestnut and lemon essential oil. Indicated for swollen and tired legs, adjuvant in the fight against cellulite, excellent soothing and refreshing. It gives an immediate feeling of well-being and relief. Each sachet contains 2 bandages soaked in coolant. How to use: wrap the part to be treated (legs and feet) with the appropriate soaked bandages, taking care to apply them in an adherent and enveloping way, with a direction from the bottom up. Keep the bandages for a period of at least thirty minutes. After the exposure time, remove the bandage and allow the treated areas to dry spontaneously.


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