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Melon cream "Ischitane"

Exquisite and refreshing limoncello cream

Limoncello Limonì 70 cl

Produced exclusively with untreated lemons from the island of Ischia. 70 cl bottle

Pithecusa Rosso

The grapes after having undergone an extreme thinning on the plant in June, are strictly hand-picked. - Blend: 60% ...

Rucolì amaro di rucola selvatica from Ischia 70cl

Famous bitter wild rocket typical of the Island of Ischia 70 cl

Brivido d'Ischia - 50cl

With its original color and perfectly blended taste to create a complex, intense and delicate bouquet, the "Brivido ...

Amaro Pucchiacchella 50cl

Precious liqueur made from the infusion of wild Portulaca herb

Amaro con Erbe del Monte Epomeo Grande

Amaro Monte Epomeo bottiglia da 70cl


Liquore a base di cioccolato bottiglia da 70 cl

Thermal toner

Thermal toner

Fango shampoo 150ml

This shampoo contains White Clay, which is a powerful natural remedy.

Filetti di Tonno Bianco in Olio di Oliva

Filetti di Tonno Bianco in Olio di Oliva

Filetti di Alici al Peperoncino

Filetti di Alici al Peperoncino

Elisir del Monte Epomeo

Liquore del Monte Epomeo - Bottle of 70cl

A Rucola by Scapriccio - 70cl

Liquor of Rucola - Bottle of 70cl

Ischian Melì

Fine liqueur made from the infusion of apples from the island of Ischia

Bacio D'Ischia 70cl

Delicate chocolate liqueur

A' Piperna by Scapriccio - 70cl

Piperna - Bottiglia da 70cl

Marenero alla liquirizia 70cl

Liquore artigianale di liquirizia

Insula felix Anfora

The WINE IGT Epomeo Bianco 'INSULA 100% FELIX' is the result of grapes grown by our company ISCHIABIO srl at the TENUTA ...


This treatment cream for hands has been created with a unique formula combining the Ischia Thermae Thermal Water with ...

Caramelle al Limone

Caramelle al Limone

Caramelle goccia d'arancia

Caramelle goccia d'arancia

Brivido d'Ischia - 70cl

A flavored liqueur rich in aromatic aromas typical of Mediterranean scrub.

Nocino 50 cl

Il nocino è un liquore ottenuto dal mallo della noce