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Hard candies lemon wedges 100 gr

Very fine hard lemon wedge candy

Fruit gelee candies Le Morbidose 100 gr

Delicious fruit gelee candies from the island of Ischia

Lemon gelee candies 100 gr

Delicious lemon flavored gelee candies from the island of Ischia

Hard lemon candies "Le Ovaline" 100 gr

Delicious oval-shaped lemon hard candies

Hard juicy candies with orange 100 gr

With drop of orange juice inside

Coconut and lemon biscuits "Il Biscottino"

Mandarin cookies "Il Biscottino"

Organic Ischian Tangerines 1kg

Original organic mandarins orange from the island of Ischia. Pick from the tree after your order and ship ...

Strawberry Jam 360 gr

Strawberry jam from the island of Ischia

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