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Melon confetti 100 gr

Delicate and soft almond confetti with melon

Melon cream - 20cl

Melon cream - Bottle of 20cl

Miele di acacia 250 gr

Prodotto di qualità superiore

Miele di acacia 500 gr

Prodotto di qualità superiore

Millefiori Honey 250 gr

Prodotto di qualità superiore

Mixed sugared almonds with orange and lemon cream "Gocce di Sole"

Delicious mixed almond confetti with orange and lemon cream

Moisturising after shave cream - stick of 50ml

A delicate after-shave cream enriched with valid elements that purify, nourish and hydrate the skin

Moisturising cream 50 ml

Multi-active cream suitable for all those types of epidermis that need a special and deep moisturizing action

Moisturising face cream - jar of 100ml

Particularly recommended as a day cream

Moisturising gel-mask - jar of 100ml

For a soft and fresh skin

Moisturizing and toning face mask 180ml

OBJECTIVE: moisturizing, toning and stimulating face treatment for cell renewal. Suitable for dry, tired and worn skin, ...

Moisturizing Fluid Cream - 200 ml bottle

Beauty treatment for the body that gives a complete and delicate hydration

Moisurising cream Damian 250 ml

Particularly recommended for mature skins that need to be stimulated and slow down the aging process.

Multifunctional body cream with orange and mandarin in thermal water - 200 ml

Fluid body cream typified by a fresh and delicate perfume

Neapolitan bruschetta gr. 100

100% pure preparation

Neapolitan pastiera confetti 100 gr

Delicate and soft almond confetti to the taste of our Neapolitan pastiera

Neapolitan pastiera gr 100

The Neapolitan pastiera is a dessert from Campania typical of the Easter period, a tart with a delicate but ...

Neutral massage cream - jar of 300ml

In addition to the benefits of the other massage creams this one does not have any fragrance

Normal and combination skins day cream 250 ml

Specific for normal and combination or oily skin.

O' tubbettone rigato - gluten-free pasta

O' tubbettone rigato - gluten-free pasta

OFFER - 3 Liqueur creams 70 cl. + GIFT 6 shot glasses

All you need to offer your friends a tasteful end of a meal!

OFFER - 6 Wines of Campania + GIFT 6 glasses, decanter and corkscrew

Who does not drink in company ... or is a thief or a spy!

OFFER - Limonì and Rucolì 70 cl. + GIFT 2 shot glasses

The unmistakable pair of digestives from the island of Ischia!