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Hard Citrus candies gr. 200

Hard Citrus candies gr. 200

Lemon Honey gr. 250

The most requested honey here from us in Ischia.

Salt flavored with orange 300 gr

The salt seasoned directly during processing makes one of the most suitable products to season all dishes of the ...

Salt Flavored with Mediterranean Herbs gr. 300

Sea salt, mix of spices in varying proportions

Lemon flavored salt gr. 300

Sea salt with lemon, a mixture of spices in variable proportions

Skin toner - bottle of 200ml

For a luminous skin

Moisturising gel-mask - jar of 100ml

For a soft and fresh skin

Moisturising face cream - jar of 100ml

Particularly recommended as a day cream

Snail slime multifunctional anti wrinkle cream - jar of 50 ml

Nourishes, regenerates, and hydrates the skin

Anti aging serum shocking action with snail slime -30 ml

Intensive and long-lasting treatment

Anti-wrinkle cream - for young skin - jar of 50ml

This cream is designed to combat the first signs of aging.

Multifunctional body cream with orange and mandarin in thermal water - 200 ml

Fluid body cream typified by a fresh and delicate perfume

Slimming self-massaging cream - tube of 250ml

For a slimming, re modelling and draining action.