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Scrub Viso Corpo 500ml

Face Body Scrub 500ml

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Scrub cream with marine microsphere base; gently smoothing and softening action.
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Scrub cream based on marine microspheres; delicately smoothing and emollient. Gently but carefully eliminates the surface layer of dead cells and skin impurities. It is gentle on dry skin and refines thick and oily skin without causing irritation. A complete and targeted beauty treatment for flawless skin, which immediately appears smoother, softer and more compact. How to use: used on a regular basis, a couple of times a week, it prevents and helps eliminate skin spots, roughness and thickening. Starting from the feet, massage a layer of cream on dry skin, insisting on the roughest points, and remove with small sponges and water or take a hot shower. Also suitable for the delicate skin of the face. Apply once or twice a week after cleansing and avoid the eye area. skin gently massage with circular movements of the fingers for 1-2 minutes. Remove the residues with a cotton swab soaked in a tonic suitable for the type of skin in question.



Friday, 16 October 2020
scrub viso perfetto! consiglio l'acquisto! Ottima marca.
Giovanna Salmistraro