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Anticellulite Mousse 200ml

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This mousse is an innovative foam lotion based on Marine Salts, Caffeine, Thermal Water and Ivy Extract.

Innovative foam lotion based on Sea Salts, Caffeine, Carnitine, Theophylline, Thermal Water and Ivy Extract. It helps eliminate toxins and metabolic waste present on the skin, synergizing the combined action of the Sea Salts and Saponins contained in the Ivy. Thanks to the effective association between Caffeine and a Liposome based on Carnitine, Theophylline and proteins derived from Wheat Germ, it successfully acts on the so-called orange peel skin, restructuring it in depth and leaving it radiant, soft and velvety. Carnitine intervenes in the regulation of thermogenesis and cell detoxification, it also optimizes the use of branched amino acids in the muscle tissue. Theophylline acts by promoting the disposal of cellular lipid deposits at the dermo-epidermal level and contributes to the reduction of cellulitic congestive edema. The purine bases of Caffeine, Theophylline and Carnitine are active in promoting the lipolysis processes of the hips and thighs. It can also be used in pregnancy.

How to use: shake the bottle. Press the dispenser cap until the product comes out in the form of foam. Then apply on the interested parts with the help of a light massage. The product absorbs immediately. Note: the presence of deposits on the bottom of the bottle constitutes the GUARANTEE of the quality of the cosmetic. In fact, they dissolve and are activated only when the product is shaken, so as to ensure maximum effectiveness and activity when the cosmetic is applied to the skin. Therefore, the quality and effectiveness of the product itself is not affected.


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