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Crema Acida Termale equilibrante PH5.5Crema Acida Termale equilibrante PH5.5

Balancing Acid Cream PH5.5

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Soft, normalizing cream, suitable for all skin types.Expressionally formulated to help restore skin pH

It is able to recreate on the surface the ideal environment for a quicker and quieter application of other cosmetic products and is also an ideal base for a perfect make up. Rich in moisturizing substances reduces the excessive surface oiliness and brings complexion to a healthy and natural color.


Morning and evening, after cleaning and Tonic Water, apply a thin layer of cream on face and neck, avoiding eye region, and gently massaging until full absorption. Continue with the usual Ischia Thermae treatment cream.


Friday, 13 April 2018
Ottimo servizio, ed ottimo prodotto, fantastica la spedizione gratuita. Complimenti per una piccola realtà come Ischia!
Friday, 13 April 2018
Ottima lascia la pelle perfettamente idratata per un'intera giornata!