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Wine spirit, “aged” by carob’s tannins and refined in amphora. 42%

Gerone I (Hero) tyrant of Syracuse was the one who placed the first stones of the Aragonese Castle of Ischia, a citadel on the sea and a defense for all the peoples who, over the centuries, have made that precious island their home, heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Gerone is the new beginning, the “new first stones” of Ischia craftsmanship and distillation, reborn from wine, from carob, and from the amphora.

Gerone is a unique brandy of 42% ABV “aged” only from carob’s tannins and refined in amphora.
An excellent after-dinner, which rises from the monotony of the classic brandy to seduce smell and taste. Its aromatic complexity, with notes of cocoa, walnut, cherry, vanilla, pleasantly entertains before each sip, welcoming a soft, magical sensation of wood, brought by the tannins of the carob, and finally the light cocoa aftertaste.

Gerone is the Italian brandy, from Ischia, capable of courting both rum and whiskey lovers, cigars and chocolate passionates.

Wine spirit, “aged” by carob’s tannins and refined in amphora.

  • capacity 500ml
  • alcohol by volume 42%

Tasting & Pairings

Tasting glass: old fashioned
Serving temperature: 16/18°
Pairings: after-dinner, chocolate, cigars


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