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Crema Termica Dol - tubo da 100 ml

Dol Thermal Cream - 100 ml tube

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Pain-relieving thermal cream based on arnica and devil's claw which relieves muscle tension, stiffness and pain

THERMAL CREAM DOL It is suitable for those who suffer from joint pain in order to soothe aching or alleviate sports injuries, sprains and bruises.

The arnica and the devil's claw represent two plant species traditionally known for their healing properties, with particular reference to the treatment of muscle and joint pain. In Thermal cream dol, the use of both plants creates a synergy that makes the product ideal for the treatment of muscle and joint pain and bruises. 

HOW TO USE: Apply the product on the affected areas two / three times a day with a light massage until completely absorbed.

It Contains:
Devil's claw
lavender essential oil
eucalyptus essential oil
essential oil of rosemary
almond oil
Wheat germ oil
sunflower oil
capsicum (hot pepper)


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