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Day Cream for Normal and Combination Skin
50 ml - 250 ml

Normal and combination skins day cream 250 ml

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Specific for normal and combination or oily skin.
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Specific for normal and combination or oily skin that contains very effective ingredients, including essential oils of Rosemary and Cypress that promote skin irrigation and awaken the brightness and freshness of the complexion and Beer Yeast, able to purify the skin , rebalance the secretions of the sebaceous glands and make it more beautiful and radiant. Finally, the Ischia thermal water, rich in trace elements and panthenol, have an excellent moisturizing effect. The results are immediately visible: the pores appear less dilated, the grain of the epidermis is refined, the complexion is more compact and uniform, the skin is purified and rebalanced. Quickly absorbed, it ensures comfort and delicacy throughout the day.

Mode of use: soft and light cream, it perfectly adapts to the needs of hydration and protection of normal and mixed skin, resulting in being greasy. Regular use keeps the skin cool and bright. Also excellent as a make-up base. Apply to clean and toned face and massage with circular movements until completely absorbed.


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