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Special offer Piperna 2x
Units in box: Confezione
INGREDIENTS: Piperna leaves

What is the pipern?

With an intense and pungent flavor like its perfume, the piperna is a type of grass with a thin stem and small white flowers, which bloom from April to July. The height of the plant, which can be cultivated in pots or in the garden, is a maximum of 70 cm and is also suitable to withstand severe temperatures, if well protected from the elements.

The main characteristic of the piperna is its essence. The bitter and spicy aftertaste blends perfectly with the firm meat dishes, such as the Ischian rabbit. The thin trunk of the plant is lost in the terracotta pot and traces its outlines. During cooking his presence fills the house with a unique aroma, which many islanders refer to childhood memories.

Walking through the island in the mountain paths, it is not difficult to come across. The piperna is together with marjoram and oregano one of the characteristic drying herbs. Its conservation is possible and also indicated for those who cannot cure the potted plant.


Thursday, 15 October 2020
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