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Brì 1955Rosato Spumante Brì 1955

Rosato Spumante Brì 1955

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Traditional Classic Method Sparkling Wine Zero / nature dosage
- Obtained from Aglianico grapes grown in Lacco Ameno in the "Coste" area north-west of the island of Ischia.

Method: Traditional Classic Method

Category: Dosagio Zero / Nature

Alcohol: Indicated on the label

Disgorgement date: Indicated on the label

Grapes: Aglianico

Production area: "Coste" in Lacco Ameno in the north-west of the Island of Ischia.

Vinification: The hand-picked grapes are pressed whole with very soft pressing. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel silos with a permanence on the yeasts for at least 6 months. After filtering and adding the liqueur de tirage, the second fermentation in the bottle starts. With a maturation on the lees of at least 24 months a very fine perlage is obtained. After the bottles have been stored horizontally, they arrive on the pupitres where they are manually turned half a turn to allow the deposits formed inside to slide slowly towards the cap. Once the residues of the yeast processing have slipped towards the cap, we move on to the next phase: the degorgement. No sugars were added during the disgorgement phase.

Serving temperature: 8 ° C

Best years: 1-4 years from the date of the degorgement indicated on the label.

Tasting notes: ample, inviting perfume, of particular finesse and freshness. There are aromas that taste of wild strawberries and raspberries. The nose is confirmed on the palate and light aromas of wild herbs and wildflowers are noted. Pairings: excellent as an entreè to be served with crudités such as oysters. It goes very well with shellfish, especially with lobster, but also amazingly with delicately prepared seafood. Also try it with sushi.


Tuesday, 13 October 2020
Lo spumante ideale per festeggiare un evento importante! A noi ricorda i festeggiamenti durante la nostra vacanza ad Ischia!
francesco luciano