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Ceramic duck

Sitting duck of 100% artisanal production.

A Rucola dello Scapriccio 50cl

Liquor of Rucola - Bottle of 70cl

Brivido d'Ischia - 70cl

A flavored liqueur rich in aromatic aromas typical of Mediterranean scrub.

Cups of Chocolate 250 gr

Small glasses of dark chocolate with 50% cocoa.

Lemon Chocolate 100gr

Tablet of fine white chocolate with lemon.

Smile with Lemon 140 gr.

Lemon chocolates filled with lemon cream.

Smile with Lemon 200 gr.

Lemon chocolates filled with lemon cream.

Lemon cream - 50cl

Lemon cream - 50cl

Crema di limone - 70cl

Isle of Lemon Cream - 70cl bottle

Smooth ceramic cup

Smooth ceramic cup diameter 21 cm hand painted 100% Made in Italy with blue grape pattern.

Glass with ceramic handle

Glass with useful handle for milk, American coffee, herbal teas, hand painted 100% Made in Italy with blue grape ...

Melon cream - 20cl

Melon cream - Bottle of 20cl

Melon cream - 50cl

Melon cream - Bottle of 50cl

Melon cream - 70cl

Melon cream - Bottle of 70cl

Ciok orange -50cl

The combination of chocolate and orange revisited in a pleasantly alcoholic way will delight any sweet tooth. A way to ...

Piperna smile 140 gr.

Milk chocolates filled with Piperna cream.

Cuore Verde cl 50

Obtained only from strictly selected raw materials according to criteria of excellence, we love this cream for its ...

Limoncello Donna Carmè - 20 cl

With an enveloping and perturbing scent, our liqueur retains all the fragrance of the fresh scents of freshly picked ...

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