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A Rucola dello Scapriccio - 20cl

A Rucola dello Scapriccio - 20cl

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A Rucola dello Scapriccio produced from a real infusion of wild rocket gives it a delicate taste, releasing a bitter aftertaste.
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Intense passion

"A'Rucola" by Scapriccio: a unique bitterness on the island of Ischia for its intense note, derived from the wild rocket that grows spontaneously here on the slopes of Mount Epomeo. An extraordinarily pure version, with a strong flavor and a slight bitter aftertaste. Impossible not to taste it!

The version of "A'Rucola" by Scapriccio has its own unique touch of personality and is waiting to be discovered; produced from a real infusion of wild rocket, our amaro has a delicate taste and a bitter aftertaste ideal for many preparations in the kitchen, or as an after dinner.

The harvest, which takes place during the summer months, allows you to capture all the essence of the plant which releases all its essence right at the peak of maturation. Once picked and left to macerate in alcohol for some time, we get our special Ischia rocket amaro.

SUGGESTIONS: excellent to be consumed at the end of a meal, added to coffee, on ice cream or to make special cocktails.

Serve at freezer temperature, between -12 ° C to -18 ° C.


Additional details

Ingredients: alcohol, sugar, natural flavors, caramel coloring E150d

Alcohol: 35% vol.


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