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Le Morbidose fruit gelee candies 200 gr

Delicious fruit gelee candies from the island of Ischia

Hard candies lemon wedges 200 gr

Very fine hard lemon wedge candy

Hard candies with citrus slices 200 gr

Hard candies with citrus wedges

Soft candies with liquorice "Liquirì" 200 gr

Delicious soft licorice candies

Caramelle "Limonose" al limone 200 gr

Deliziose caramelle dure al limone

Soft fruit candies "Le Giuggiole" 150 gr

Delicious fruit gummy candies

Candies without sugar with citrus fruits 100 gr

Delicious hard candies without citrus fruit sugar

Soft ginger and lemon candy 150 gr

Soft gummy candies covered with ginger and lemon flavored sugar

Soft fruit candies "Gli Spicchietti" 200 gr

Soft fruit candies "Gli Spicchietti" 200 gr

Citrus candies "Le Fettine" 150 gr

Citrus candies "Le Fettine"

Chocolate pralines filled with limoncello

Chocolate sphere with a drop of limoncello inside

Chocolate pralines filled with rocket bitters

Chocolate sphere with a drop of rocket bitter inside

Lemon confetti 100 gr

Lemon confetti 100 gr

Pistachio confetti 100gr

Excellent confetti with almond and pistachio chocolate ideal for any time of the day

Orange confetti 100 gr

Delicate and soft almond confetti with orange