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Salt flavored with orange 300 gr

The salt seasoned directly during processing makes one of the most suitable products to season all dishes of the ...

Lemon coffee 200 gr

Ideal for breakfast and sweet garnish

Babà with Limoncello

Excellent and soft pastry babà infused in our limoncello. Serve cold.

Rum baba

Excellent and soft pastry baba infused in excellent rum. Serve cold.

OFFER - Organic Snail Slime Cosmetics from Ischia Sorgente di Bellezza

Give a little pampering with the fantastic Organic Snail Slime from Ischia Sorgente di Bellezza!

Amaretti with citrus fruits 200 gr

Delicious macaroons with the taste of our citrus fruits

Orange biscuits "Il Biscottino" 400 gr

Artisanal orange biscuits

"Cremosi" chocolate biscuits

Fragrant filled biscuits with chocolate heart

"Cremosi" lemon biscuits

Fragrant filled biscuits with lemon heart

"Il Biscottino" lemon biscuits

Biscotti al Limone

Orange Biscuits "Il Biscottino"

Orange Biscuits "Il Biscottino"

Biscuits with Coconut and Lemon "Il Biscottino"

Biscuits with Coconut and Lemon "Il Biscottino"

"Il Biscottino" Mandarin Biscuits

"Il Biscottino" Mandarin Biscuits

"Il Biscottino" lemon biscuits

Handmade mandarin biscuits

"Il Biscottino" Citrus Biscuits

Fragrant biscuits with a pleasant taste of our citrus fruits.

Hazelnuts covered with dark chocolate

Delicious toasted hazelnuts covered with fine 70% dark chocolate

Chocolates with orange peel "Arancette"

Orange peel covered with pure white chocolate