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Ischia Thermae

The originsThe origins

In Ischia, one of the six municipalities of the island of Ischia, is the Ischia Thermae.The company was founded by an ancient Ischitana family, owner of the largest mudflowers of the island of Ischia, located on the north-western slope of Mount Epomeo. The activity has its origins at the beginning of the 19th century with the production of the famous muds of Ischia in the ancient mud farms, perfected later with the establishment of the "Ancient Cosmetics Factory". Since then the preparation of cosmetics has been the subject of continuous improvements in order to obtain the best combination of thermal water, mud and other natural ingredients used in processing.Today Ischia Thermae is the cosmetic laboratory based on the oldest thermal water on the island of Ischia.

The ancient factory

The tradition in the manufacture of cosmetics is one hundred years:the activity began in 1892 and even before with the production of the famous thermal mud under the name of "ANCIENT FACTORY OF COSMETICS" using the thermal mud with exfoliating and purifying properties, for the preparation of very precious masks for the face and body.Since then, the preparation of cosmetics has been the subject of continuous improvements in order to obtain the best combination of thermal water, mud and other natural ingredients used in processing.

The ancient mud farms

The Ischia Thermae is today the only company to use as a raw material in cosmetic products, the mud of the Ischia Island from the mud farms owned by the family, located on Mount Epomeo, in the center of the island, in an area called precisely "Fango di sopra" in one of the six municipalities of the island: Lacco Ameno d'Ischia.These mudflats date back to ancient times, where it is even said that the Romans took these muds for their spa treatments, since then everything has remained unchanged except for some small trick of a technical nature.The mudflats are made up of huge tanks positioned on different levels, which collect rainwater from Mount Epomeo, specially involved, in order to recover the sludge to be transported.

Once the superfluous water is dried, the mud is recovered, the only one of its kind. A series of wheels, they refine the product eliminating leaves and twigs.Once refined, it is left to mature in the thermal waters for a period of not less than six months with continuous circulation of spring water at an average temperature of 75-80 degrees.

After this maturation, the mud is ready to be used.

Ischia Thermae

Active eye contour gel

Pack of 30 ml of delicate cream, highly moisturizing

Balancing Acid Cream PH5.5

Soft, normalizing cream, suitable for all skin types.Expressionally formulated to help restore skin pH

Thermal Cleansing Foam

Cleaning foam with a delicate perfume.

Thermal cream couperose skin

Thermal Cream Couperose Skin a very fine cream specifically created for skin which show the typical signs of couperose.

Thermal lemon soap

This pure soap, rich in dermopurifying substances and precious plant extracts, makes a soft and delicate lather and has ...

Thermal moisturizing fluid

50 ml Vase Non-oily, highly moisturizing cream, specifically formulated for dry and dehydrated skin, sensitive or ...

Vitaminica Thermal Body Cream

A fresh and sweet texture for this thermal moisturizing fluid, suitable for all skin types.

Thermal firming breast cream

Rich, soft, non-greasy cream especially formulated for the delicate and thin skin of breasts area.

Thermal body massage cream

Extremely soft cream, specifically designed for professional body massage. Its highly emollient structure makes it ...

Thermal mud treatment for cellulite

Ischia Thermae has developed this unique and extraordinarily effective formulation with a combination of mineral mud ...


This treatment cream for hands has been created with a unique formula combining the Ischia Thermae Thermal Water with ...

Thermal spots control hand cream

A thermal spa treatment specifically developed to preserve the youthful beauty of hands.

Thermal bath Iodo- Bromic salts

Extracted throught a crystallisation process, these salts are especially effective for carryng out in the comfort of ...

Thermal bath foam

250 ml tube

Eau de toilette Natural Spray

100ml unisex perfume