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Frescura - Liquore
50 cl


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Frescura is the liqueur as it could be once, handcrafted and macerating in a distillate of white wine, wild citrus fruits, fig leaves and herbs from the Mediterranean scrub harvested at the first light of the morning.

The past of many Europeans, and many Ischians, was marked by a more daily and profound contact with nature.
Ischia, an agricultural land in the middle of the sea, has always been a microcosm of vegetation and perfumes. In the rural life in Ischia, there was a moment of the day dedicated to the daily harvest, gathering herbs and fruits that, on that day and in that season, the island could offer.

Frescura is the fresh digestive as it once was, produced by hand, wine spirit with a maceration of wild citrus fruits, fig leaves and herbs from the Mediterranean scrub, collected at the first morning light.
A fresh 28% digestive, dedicated to summer nights, the greenery and the scents of our splendid Island of Ischia, of which in the illustration it is possible to admire a wonderful glimpse of Sant’Angelo village with a scene of love in the shade of the Ischian vegetation.

Fresh liqueur of wild citrus fruits and fig leaves infused in wine spirit.

  • capacity 500ml
  • alcohol by volume 28%
  •  serving temperature 6°


Fresh digestive, enjoyable next to ice cream, sorbetto or fresh fruit desserts.


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