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Thermal cosmetics of Ischia
Lemon of Ischia
Liquor of Ischia
Wine of Ischia

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Crema fluida doposole - 200ml

A delicate, lenitive, moisturising and ...

Moisturising Cream
Moisturising cream 250 ml

Multi-active cream suitable for all those types ...

Moisturising Cream
Moisturising cream 50 ml

Multi-active cream suitable for all those types ...

Anti-Age Hyalu Mask 250 ml

The presence of Hyaluronic Acid in combination ...

Cashmere-Hydro Cream 24h 250 ml

Moisturizing and regenerating cream that ...

Moisurising cream Damian 250 ml

Particularly recommended for mature skins that ...

Anticellulite “H” cream 1000 ml

Adjuvant against skin blemishes

A' Piperna by Scapriccio - 70cl

Piperna - Bottiglia da 70cl

Limoni bio Ischia
Organic Ischian Lemons 1kg

Organic lemons from the Island of Ischia

Crema idratante termale
Thermal Moisturizing Cream

50 ml Vase Non-oily, highly moisturizing cream, ...

Shampoo - flacone da 200ml
Shampoo with thermal mud - bottle of 200ml

It delicately cleanses hair and scalp

Body cream lemon

Lemon-scented cream with Ischia Thermal Water ...

A' Piperna by Scapriccio - 50cl

Piperna - Bottle of 50cl

I babbini
Baba Dried Small

Tasty dried Baba in envelope

Crema per le rughe termale
Thermal wrinkle cream

Vase of 50 ml - Intensive treatment for intensive ...

Caramelle gelee alla frutta "Le Morbidose" 100 gr

Deliziose caramelle gelee alla frutta dell'isola ...

Crema di pistacchio
Crema di Pistacchio "Ischitane" 10 cl

Gelèe Citrus candies gr. 500

Bioenergetic Massage Oil Natur

Ideal for all kinds of massages and all skin ...

Thermal water of ischia - bottle of 50 ml

100% Thermal Spring Water without chemical ...

Preparato per pizza gr.100

Preparato artigianale 100% puro per condire i ...

Crema massaggio al limone - vaso da 300 ml
Firming massage cream with lemon - jar of 300ml

IDetoxifying lotion suitable for massages

Ischia Thermal Dol
Ischia Thermal Dol

Ischia Thermal Dol cream is a natural remedy ...

Confetti with profiterole

Delicate and soft almond confetti with a ...