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Cosmetici dell'isola d'Ischia

OFFERTA - Cosmetici alla Bava di Lumaca Bio di Ischia Sorgente di Bellezza
500 ml

OFFER - Organic Snail Slime Cosmetics from Ischia Sorgente di Bellezza

Sales price 29,00 €
Give a little pampering with the fantastic Organic Snail Slime from Ischia Sorgente di Bellezza!

You can choose between the 3 offers of cosmetics based on thermal water and Organic Snail Slime, to each cream you add we add a gift! Thanks to the restorative power of snail slime nature these beauty sets slow down and prevent the skin aging process. Creams with a soft and delicate consistency based on thermal water from the island of Ischia and organic snail slime rich in functional active ingredients and suitable for all skin types. You will also be able to benefit from the properties of Ischia's thermal water thanks to the gift products of the Ischia Sorgente di Bellezza bath line, a renowned international cosmetics company from Ischia.


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