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Cosmetici dell'isola d'Ischia

Crema rinfrescante piediCrema rinfrescante piedi

Thermal refreshing foot cream

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The well-being of the organism often depends on that of the lower limbs.

Thermal  Refreshing foot cream helps to reduce and prevent reddening and irritations; it gives an immediate sensation of freshness and lightness, considerably reducing the feeling of swolen feet and tired ankles. Rapidly and completely absorbed, without leaving traces of oiliness on the surface, it helps to prevent skin keratinization and roughness. Especially suitable for people who spend a great part of the day on their feet, those practising sports and pregnant women


Spread the cream on perfectly clean and dry feet (preferably after a bath or foot-bath with Ischia Thermae Thermal Ioso Bromic Bath Salts). Massage with upward movements startibg from the tips of the toes. Apply whenever necessary.


Use of the product is not recommended on areas with broken capillares and/or varicose veins


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