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Longtanning sea-shower - 200ml

A delicate and perfumed foam developed to wrap and refresh the body after an intensive day by the sea while preserving ...

Mezzanotte spaghettata gr. 100

In the pan you will use to prepare the sauce put a little water

"Ischitane" Peach Cream

Peach cream handcrafted with the best selected peaches

Abdomen firming treatement - bottle of 150ml

A strengthening and hardening effect

Casereccia bruschetta gr. 100

Toast the slices of fresh or stale bread about 2 cm high and brown both sides.

Thermal mud treatment for cellulite

Ischia Thermae has developed this unique and extraordinarily effective formulation with a combination of mineral mud ...

Preparation for Tomato Salad gr. 100

Preparation for Tomato Salad gr. 100

Thermal anti-stretchmark cream

This cream, which has a particularly soft consistency, is Ischia Thermae Skincare Programme’s answer to stretch marks.

Thermal body massage oil

Light and intensively lubricating blend of oils and plant extracts, it is particularly indicated for all massage ...

Thermal body massage cream

Extremely soft cream, specifically designed for professional body massage. Its highly emollient structure makes it ...

Diavola spaghettata gr. 100

the pan you will use to prepare the sauce put a little water

"Ischitane" coffee cream

Exquisite and refreshing coffee cream

Thermal firming breast cream

Rich, soft, non-greasy cream especially formulated for the delicate and thin skin of breasts area.