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Kit Corpo Shower

Kit ideale per detergere, idratare e nutrire la pelle del corpo. Le combinazioni sono disponibili in tutte le fragranze ...

Kit Care

Kit composto da Crema Corpo (Limone, Mango, Papaya, Latte, Nature e Vaniglia) e a scelta Ischia Thermal “DOL” o Scrub ...

Kit Body

Kit composto da 2 prodotti a scelta tra Ice gel gambe, Crema Anticellulite “H”, Crema Rassodante Antiaridità e Scrub ...

Kit Beauty Routine

Kit per la detersione e cura della pelle del viso. Composto da Latte Detergente, Tonico Termale e Maschera viso a ...

Kit Dol

Kit composto da 2 Ischia Thermal dol

Kit Viso

Kit Viso composto da 2 prodotti a scelta per il completamento della Beauty Routine. Disponibile per ogni esigenza e ...

Acqua termale d'ischia

Thermal water ready to use in single-dose vials for the daily hygiene of the nose of both children and adults

Kit Mud


Eau de toilette for men - bottle of 30ml

A fresh and energising Eau de toilette.

Lady's deodorant acqua of Ischia citrus fragrancy - bottle of 150ml

It neutralizes body odours without altering natural perspiration.


Men's deodorant acqua of Ischia - bottle of 150ml

Fresh and invigorating for modern men.

Eau de toilette agrumi Ischia- 50 ml

Unisex fragrance characterized by fresh notes of lemon, orange and bergamot

Jasmine eau de toilette - 50 ml

Unisex fragrance characterized by scented notes of jasmine, which are mixed with lily of the valley, mimosa and orange ...

Men's shower shampoo acqua d'Ischia - bottle of 250ml

It leaves a fresh and invigorating sensation.

Snail slime multifunctional anti wrinkle cream - jar of 100 ml

Nourishes, regenerates, and hydrates the skin

Anti aging serum shocking action with snail slime -30 ml

Intensive and long-lasting treatment

Hair mask with thermal mud - jar of 300ml

It nourishes and restructures, normalizes and strengthens

Eudermic bath oil - bottle of 200ml

Especially effective for treating delicate, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin

Thermal mud soap - confection of 100gr

Cleans skin thanks to the micrograins of the mud

Lemon soap - confection of 100 gr

Cleans and softens skin

Thermal mud massage soap - confection of 125gr

Strengthens and regenerates skin