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Crema Vitaminica Corpo TermaleCrema Vitaminica Corpo Termale

Vitaminica Thermal Body Cream

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A fresh and sweet texture for this thermal moisturizing fluid, suitable for all skin types.

A boost of deep hydration, expertly dosed during the day, to give the skin of the face firmness, tone and vitality, given the thermal water, the primary element of this product, rich in mineral salts and trace elements.

The formulation contains scientifically selected active ingredients that are particularly similar to skin tissue, targeted to the moisturizing activity:

- Vegetable microspheres, carriers of active ingredients, enriched with: Seaweed extract, flax, Althea (from the root), Almond (from the fruit);

- Hyaluronic acid, essentially performs a surface action, fixing itself on the stratum corneum, retaining a considerable quantity of water;

- Horse chestnut excellent decongestant;

- Horsetail, remineralizing;

- Vitamin E (in liposimial form) with marked antioxidant properties, helps to maintain the connective tissue in optimal conditions;

- NMF (reconstituted), helps to maintain the stratum corneum wetting.



Morning and evening, after having cleansed and toned face and neck, apply Thermal Moisturizing Fluid before daily treatment.


Monday, 12 October 2020
la crema corpo che cercavo!