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Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chilli 250 ml.

Oil obtained from olives harvested and ground in Italy, of superior category obtained directly from olives and solely ...

A' Piperna by Scapriccio - 20cl

Piperna - Bottle of 20cl

A' Piperna by Scapriccio - 50cl

Piperna - Bottle of 50cl

A' Piperna by Scapriccio - 70cl

Piperna - Bottiglia da 70cl

A' Piperna dello Scapriccio - 70cl - Limited Edition

Piperna - Bottle of 70cl - Limited Edition

Rocket liqueur - 50cl bottle

Rocket liqueur - 50cl bottle

A Rucola by Scapriccio - 70cl

Liquor of Rucola - Bottle of 70cl

Piperna Smile 200 gr.

Milk chocolates filled with A’Piperna dello Scapriccio bitter cream.

A Rucola dello Scapriccio - 20cl

A Rucola dello Scapriccio produced from a real infusion of wild rocket gives it a delicate taste, releasing a bitter ...

Brivido d'Ischia - 50cl

With its original color and perfectly blended taste to create a complex, intense and delicate bouquet, the "Brivido ...

Cuore Verde cl 70

Obtained only from strictly selected raw materials according to criteria of excellence, we love this cream for its ...

Oregano 110 gr

The package contains 110 grams of oregano Produced and packaged by the Ruffano S.s.a.

Dried chilli 150 gr

The package contains 150 grams of chilli (net weight) Produced and packaged by the Ruffano S.s.a.

Dried figs 500 gr

The package contains 500 grams of dried figs Produced and packaged by the Ruffano S.s.a.

Olives in brine net 230 gr

The package contains 230 grams of olives in brine Produced and packaged by the Ruffano S.s.a.