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Pastiera tipica napoletana da 1 kg
Pastiera Napoletana
Pastiera Napoletana
Pastiera Napoletana

Typical pastiera napoletana 1 Kg

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The special Neapolitan typical Pastiera, classic recipe.
Dimensions about 24 cm in diameter and 1.0 kg in weight.
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Units in box: 1

Claudio and Silvana wake up very early in the morning, because they have a really important task: churning out delicious hot cakes, able to brighten up the days to the lucky customers. The small pâtisserie of Lacco Ameno, is a real point of reference for the islanders who love sweetness; the selection is thick and varied: cookies, cakes and sweets of all sorts, liven up the small window and flood the small room with an inviting perfume. A must for tourists who want to know the art of local pastry.
A culinary experience not to be missed for your “Dolci capricci” is without a doubt, therefore, the typical Neapolitan sweet dessert of Easter even on the island of Ischia!

Ingredients for a 20 cm rotating:
Ingredients for the shortcrust pastry:
+ 300 grams of sugar,
+ 450 gr of butter,
+ 750 gr of flour
+ 3 eggs

+ 500 gr of wheat,
+ 500 gr of ricotta
+ 500 grams of sugar
+ 4 eggs, candied orange, millefiori essence and orange essence

mix sugar, wheat and ricotta in a container. Add 4 previously beaten eggs, combine the orange essence. Lay the short pastry previously spread on a baking sheet, fill with the amalgam. Finally, decorate with flaps of pastry.



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